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Group classes
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two ladies doing a pilates reformer stretch class

Pilates Reformer

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Pilates reformer focuses on core strength and correct muscle engagement which improves athletic performance, back pain, injury recovery, balance, bone density and posture to name a few. It is a movement system designed to improve our everyday life and well being. 

Maximum 5 clients in a class, we offer normal group classes and also pre-natal group classes.

Yoga + Meditation

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A perfect blend of physical and mental wellness. We offer a variety of different styles for whatever mood you're in. 

Our instructors have studied both western and eastern practices, so that you may experience the roots of yoga whilst ensuring proper alignment through modern science.

yoga pose and meditation
HIIT cardio class


Time to feel the burrnnnn!


This class is the perfect combination of ballet, strength, and flexibility, combined into a cardio format with no jumping or impact on the joints, and with some great tunes to help you through!

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Zumba dance group class


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This class will leave you sweating!

A highly effective workout that aims to tone, strengthen and improve your endurance through short, intense bursts of movement. 

Barre class


Get your heart pumping and your feet moving through this energetic and lively class!


Great for total body toning and endurance, Rachna incorporates her Indian roots so that you can enjoy the powerful blend of east and west movements and music. 

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Private & Semi Private

personal trainer doing a private session on a pilates reformer machine

Carefully planned to fit you with the best instructor for your needs


Highly qualified instructors who have experience with pre & post natal, rehabilitation and clients who are new to fitness


For rehabilitation, we work closely with your physiotherapist for post rehab strengthening


Curated fitness plan to fit your needs and monitor your progress

Why not go semi private?

Enjoy the personal touch of a private but with the added challenge and encouragement a friend or partner provides.

For enquiries, contact us
+852 6624 8712

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