Multiple reformer classes are offered on a daily basis using Peak Pilates machines. Classes are limited to a maximum of 5 per class and classes are 55mins long. All our instructors have been trained by Stott, ensuring the highest level of instruction for your classes. Our beginner and multilevel classes are open to everyone and all abilities, our intermediate classes do however require more experience on the reformer. Reformer classes are designed with the idea of getting the spine to move in all directions, to lengthen and strengthen the entire body.



Our mat classes are all multilevel classes, which means they are open to all levels of ability. Mat classes are offered throughout the week in room 211. Mat classes use the bodies own resistance, designed to improve breathing, posture, circulation, body awareness and most importantly build strength. These classes often incorporate small props, such as foam rollers, small balls, magic circles or resistance bands.

Pilates Stretches


Our BootyBarre classes are high energy workouts done to music. BootyBarre classes incorporate many different types of exercise including Pilates, Ballet and yoga. These classes are great for toning the entire body and having a fun at the same time. If you fall into the “no co-ordination” category, fear not, these classes are fun and open to anyone.



The Pilates Suspension Method combines traditional and contemporary mat Pilates and equipment based Pilates exercises and performs them on the suspension trainer. Each PSM exercise is Pilates rooted and is also done in many of the traditional Pilates series. This class is suitable for all levels of fitness.

TRX Strapes


We offer various yoga classes throughout the week - including "Cup of Yoga" - which starts off gently, then gently builds to a strong flow and balance finishing off gently back on the mat. Just like a cup of morning coffee, as you sip it, it gently wakes you up, you start to enjoy the little rush of caffeine and then you finish off slowly coming down from that. We also have vinyasa flow classes that incorporate a balance between strength and stretch. All yoga classes are open to all levels of ability.



This is a workout like no other, 20minute maximum intensity workout using bodyweight exercises to blast away fat and tone muscles. To strike the right balance, the class ends off with a lovely yoga type stretch session at the end. It is similar to a bootcamp, but more fun.

Zumba Dance Class


A fun calorie burning dance party, incorporating rhythms and moves from around the world. We even offer a great Bollywood themed Zumba class each week which is a non stop hip shaking dance party.

Zumba Dance Class


Bounce Dancefit is a constant energetic cardio workout that will get you sweaty in style! Designed to make you fit while you enjoy different styles of street dance including Hip-Hop, wracking, vogueing and more. 
BADASS by Bounce DanceFit (TM) is a combat, cardio and conditioning class will have you getting into shape in style.

Hip Hop Class


We offer weekly Kids yoga and kids Zumba, these classes are 45mins and open to all ages.

School Kids Meditating