Class Schedule


9.15am - "Zumba Fit and Toning mix"

10.30am - multilevel "Pilates Reformer"

11.35am - multilevel "Pilates Reformer"

4.15pm - "Kids Zumba with a hint of Bollywood" for 5-11 year olds

5.10pm - "Kids Yoga" for 4-10 year olds

7.45pm - "Yoga/Pilates" - the best of both styles



9.30am - "Vinyasa Yoga with Stretch"

10.45am - "Bounce DanceFit" - attend a "Bounce DanceFit" class and you'll change the way you look at a workout! 

12pm - multilevel "Pilates Reformer"

6.45pm - "FatBurn Extreme with a Yoga element to your cool down" - if there's no pain, there's no gain!

7.45pm - "De-Stress, Unwind and Relax Yoga" - the perfect way to end your day


9.30am - multilevel "Pilates Mat"

10.45am - multilevel "Pilates Reformer"

11.50am - multilevel "Pilates Reformer"

4.15pm - "Bounce DanceFit Junior" for 5-11 year olds

6.30pm - "De-Stress, Unwind and Relax" Yoga

8pm - multilevel "Pilates Reformer"


8.25am - multilevel "Pilates Reformer"

9.30am - multilevel "Pilates Reformer"

10.45am - "Zumba Infused with Bollywood" - where Latin vibes and Bollywood beats merge for the best Zumba class!

7.45pm - "Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga" - a wonderful fusion between two styles


9.15am - "Nirvana Fitness" - the class where Pilates, Yoga and Tone fuse beautifully to music

10.30am - "A Cup of Yoga" - a mix of the best

3.45pm - "Kids Yoga" for 4-10 years old

4.45pm - "Kids Zumba / Bounce DanceFit Junior" for 5-11 year olds


7.45am - "Stretch, Strengthen and Flow Yoga"

9am - "Zumba Infused with Bollywood" - let yourself loose in the music and just dance!

10.15am - multilevel "Pilates Mat"

11.30am  - multilevel "Pilates Reformer"

12.35pm - multilevel "Pilates Reformer"



9am - "Gentle Flow Yoga"

10.15am - "FatBurn Extreme with a Yoga element to your cool down"

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